Lost Thoughts – NYC Comic Con


I went to Comic Con this past Saturday. I am still hurting from all the walking we did. But it was fun and tried to see as much as I could while I was there. And there was ALOT to see.

But one thing I did NOT see was LOST merchandise. I was so excited to get something; a tshirt, a keychain, an empty container of Dharma Ranch Dressing… ANYTHING! . My hubby went to the Big Apple Con last year and got me these cool Oceanic badges.

So surely, at one of the largest comic, sci fi and pop culture events in the WORLD , there HAS to be LOST stuff, right?! NUTHIN!! Big ol’ goose egg. No wait, correction. I was able to participate in a free raffle to try and win some LOST goodies at the Ubisoft booth (one t shirt with the numbers, some soundtracks and three figurines) Sad to say….didn’t win. Even tried to pay for a Sawyer doll, sorry, action figure. Shut out… denied.

I went and scanned the rest of the Con. I found one t -shirt booth that chucked a card at me when I asked for anything with LOST and said “We have a Dharma shirt at our site”. Um, yeah, not helpful. Want it now. The rest of shirt sellers….. zero. And when I asked about LOST, the looks I got from some of the vendors. It was like they just repeated that corndog they ate at the food court. And you know they were probably thinking something along the lines of “Worst…question….EVER.”

I finally found one place that had a very nice 3 -ring binder with LOST on it with the Season One Trading Cards. The post-it on top read ” Last one- $60″. Would have loved to have acquired that. But was presently out of my price range. He had one more item: an exclusive magazine from San Diego Comic Con with the cast on the cover…for 5 bucks. Now, that was more like it. Only 1600+ were made. Great! I thought it was a book of articles and info, some pics. Super. So naturally , I bought it. But when I opened it up to read it, I found out that it was a trading card mag with about a page and a half about LOST trading cards. Hence the “NON- SPORT” in the title. (Hey! TV isn’t sports?!) To my lack of delight and surprise, the rest had nothing to do with the show. So, I’m a little bummed here. (OK, I’m not particularly savvy on all the trading card magazine lingo to know the difference. So sue me! )
Otherwise, had a terrific time. I would go again in a heartbeat.

Someday, I would like to go to San Diego. Much more LOSTage to be had, I’m sure. The panel alone is worth the trip. Then there is the whole Hawaii thing. I’ve got to get there before the series is over. But I’m a little short on the funds. Hey, I know. Maybe I’ll sell t-shirts at the next Comic Con. I might be even adventageous enough and sell some LOST related ones, risk taker that I am. On second thought… who’d want those? 😉


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