Lost Thoughts – Roger’s Keychain


Ever wonder how Roger “Workman ” Linus got his rabbit’s foot keychain? I think it might have happened something like this…

Little Benjamin: “Dad! What happened to Fluffy?!”

Rico, I mean, Roger: “Guess he made one too many trips to the sonic fence. I told you that you needed to take better care of all those “pets” of yours! Maybe you outta start numberin’ um?”

(Little Benjamin crying)

Roger: “Now, calm down, Bengeemon, and go get me that cleaver and a beer. You outta be grateful. Not only are we going to have a good supper tonight, looks like your ol’ man’s gonna finally be able to “customize” his Dharma work ride a little”.

Just one more daddy issue to add to the list. It’s about bunnies…indeed.


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