Lost Thoughts – The Shape of Things To Come


Last night’s episode….. stunning! I could barely breathe during the last ten minutes, clutching tenatiously to one of the couch pillows. Where is this going? Every time that I think I figure something out, Darlton come over with the ice cream scoop and extract my brain.

So many things to chew on, such as….

What did that little smile mean after Benben-t13 talked to Sayidlost-sayid-t1 in Iraq? Was it “Yeah! One for our side” or “BWWAAAH HA HA.. Tricked you, sucker”?

How about Ben getting the same “You’re the killer” treatment he gave Michaellost-michael-t1 and Ana Lucia, from Widmore? Who is the real “murderer” of Alex?

What are the rules of the game and how will the change (i.e. Alex’s death) affect it?

Is Ben’s little black stick a twisted reference to the “rod of iron” (first seen pummeling Sawyerlost-sawyer-t1 in Season 3) in the Bible? An antithesis to Mr. Eko’slost-eko-t stick (dark/light)? Or is his taser in the shop?

Why is Sawyer bulletproof ? Why is Claireclaire-t missleproof? Far fetched star saving devise or something “special” we don’t know about these Losties?(For me, suspending belief with LOST started with the plane crash. I love LOST! )

Hurleylost-hurley-t : Cool babysitter- Lets the kid stay up to play Risk
” Not Cool, Dude” babysitter – Brings baby towards window during shoot out
Verdict: Hurley= average babysitter


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