LOST Thoughts – Cabin Fever

This week, Darlton took an air compressor to my skull. Yeah…thanks, thanks alot.

Things I am attempting to think through:

Richard Alpert: Seeing him at the Maternity Ward window….creeped me to my core!!! (Loved it!)
He has a funny way of “recruiting” people.
“Say! This person would make a fine addition to our organization” (Then proceeds to hit said’s loved one with a motor vehicle.). Since you seem to span all space and time, ever think of , I don’t know, maybe making a website instead, Dorian Gray?! Alright, it WAS the fifties. How about a Mittlelos sponsored Sock Hop at Emily’s school and you can serve some of that “special” orange punch and cookies ? You’ll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar, Richard (Although, why would you want flies in the first place? Never understood that saying).

Hurley: Funniest line of the night : (sleeping Hugo) Mallowmars….

Was Ben lying (WHAAAAT?!) to assume that he is not “special” for seeing the cabin? Was he (Hugo) right that the reason the three of them are able to “see” the cabin was because they are the craziest ones on the island? Or are they the sanest?
(Locke) “You’re not crazy. (Jack) I’m not, huh?
(Locke) No. Crazy people think that they are getting saner.” (White Rabbit, Season One)

(sings) Gimme a break! Gimme a Break! Break me off a piece of that Apollo bar!
Hugo…Ben…sharing a moment. “Kids, stay out in the yard while the adults talk, ok?” Nice….

Horace: Is that nosebleed reminisant of the Purge or of Desmond/Daniel style time hopping?

Ben: Is he a “Bunny # 15 ” of John? Moms both named Emily. They both shouted out what they wanted their sons to be named when faced with separation and death (death of Emily for Ben, possible death of John for his mom {who I thought looked a lot like Claire} The naming of the child are both Old (Benjamin/Rachel, Jacob’s wife) and New Testament (John the Baptist/Elizabeth/Zachariah) references. And both Rachel and Elizabeth were barren women, giving birth to miracle children. So will we find out that both the Emilys’ weren’t supposed to be able to get pregnant? Ben and John both having spinal issues and were premature babies (Thanks Ryan and Jen of The Transmission podcast ๐Ÿ™‚ ) . Is he just a “copy” of Locke? Or is John the “copy” of “Island savior” (or at least the forerunner) and is playing catch up? In the Orchid Station video, a bunny with the number 15 falls from the ceiling. Is that what happened when Locke fell from the sky?
Halliwax flipped out in the video because (presumably) the bunnies (both #15) were not supposed to touch, to be occupying the same space. Is this what is part of the danger, John and Ben meeting?
Ben was wearing Halliwax’s jacket in “The Shape of Things to Come”. Was this a clue to this prospect?

He knows that he got sick because he ticked the Island off somehow. What did he do ? Is it for not letting Juliet go back so he could have her as his own? Divided passion and devotion, perhaps? It could be that or something to be revealed later. Maybe soon we will find out the “rules” and know a little more how the ‘game’ is played.

Ray: Dr. Bricker from Widmore’s Love Boat was killed by Commando Keamy last night but we saw him dead , washed up on the Island, on an earlier episode ( A fact that Keamy announces was spoken of by the LOSTIES over the radio). Keamy slits Doc Ray’s throat and chucks him overboard AFTER they are told Ray’s already dead. I know it’s a time hiccup of some sort…I’m just not presently capable of knowing what that means. In other words…. I’m more on the ” If the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 5….?” level of this particular subject. Please help. Flashcards….felt story board….finger puppets…anything!

Matthew Abaddon: What is Locke going to “owe ” him after he gets to go on the walkabout? But is it null and void when he comes to collect because John never “technically” went on it? John, you might need a good fictional lawyer. May I suggest Daniel Webster?

Claire: IMO, Tied for second (with Matthew Abaddon, Richard being first) of freakiest character last night. Grinning like the Chesire Cat, saying “I’m with him (or is it the HIM )” pointing to her dad, Christian “White Rabbit” Shephard. Brrrrrrr.

Locke : Who’s your daddy, John? Emily’s mom said that she shouldn’t be with the man she is dating because he is twice her age? Would Anthony Cooper be that man? If she was in high school, presumably around 16 ( good a number as any), then that would make the father in his thirties. Was Anthony Cooper in his eighties when he was on the Island? He and Hurley must be on the same power drink that make them both so “spry”. It’s possible, certainly because he was a good match for the kidney. But you don’t have to be a relative to donate a kidney, just a match. So, maybe this was part of Richard’s plan, having Cooper come into his life. Are we watching the ultimate con that we aren’t even fully aware of its depths of fraudulance? Was Emily right? Was there was no “father”? Was Matthew speaking of “miracles” to get John to stir up memory of who he is really? Is John actually a tropical version of Anakin ” I find your lack of faith disturbing” Skywalker? Is the Island relocation the “building of the Death Star”? (Just sticking with the writer propensity towards all things Star Wars, that’s all…But then again, the “Anakin” might be Christian Shepard, with the whole Jack/Claire connection. Oh Darlton, how you do taunt us so with your many popular cultural references ๐Ÿ˜‰ . )

: “Everyday” by Buddy Holly was playing in the beginning of the episode. Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Otis Redding, Glen Miller. Quite a bit of music that has been played on the show has been sung/played by singers/musicians who’ ve crashed or just disappeared, in a plane. Will we be hearing some John Denver, Ricky Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Big Bopper? We gotta hear some Jim Croce at least. “Time in a Bottle”? It’s sitting right there!

Geronimo Jackson! First, in the hatch (“My hatch” claimed Locke, in Season Two), then on Eddie the Cop’s tshirt in “Further Instructions” (Season Three) and now in Locke’s locker at school. Interestingly, it seems that only in John’s flashes or having to do with John’s “ownership” is this band mentioned. Hurley , Charlie and Sayid never heard of them. They made a point of that . And if they are making a point of something on LOST, usually not an accident.

Items: baseball glove, jar of grainy substance, compass, book (Book of Laws), comic book, knife. John chose jar, compass, knife. Richard…not happy. You could see that his eyes were anticipating John picking the Book of Laws. Why was this not the “right” choice? Why wasn’t Locke “ready” ?
My hubby reminded me of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. Jack had his bottle of dirt and his compass (off kilter, as was John’s in Season One). But what about the book? The pirates had to play by a certain set of “Laws” or “Rules” (Parlay?) Does this book contain “the rules” Ben spoke that Widmore “changed”? And is the series dealing in a twisted version of “eternal life”, i.e. the undead? Is this Book of Laws an antithesis to the Book of the Law ( Books of Moses) that Mr. Eko said that King Josiah found & saved ,in the Old Testament? (See Jeff Jensen’s take on the book at DarkUFO, link{Friends} on the sidebar. Might give an “indictation” where Richard is coming from.)

John chose the knife because, I’m guessing, he wants to be the Hunter. He was told by Eddie the Cop that maybe he’s not a Hunter. But Mr.Eko told him that he was. So, who is right? Maybe John wanted to be the Hunter not because of destiny but because he just got tired of taking in the aroma of gym shoes in the “locker” of life? Hey “Destiny”, you can’t blame a guy for trying, right?


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  1. 1

    ellemck1 said,

    I thought that for pirates the rules were “more like guidelines”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe that could also be the reason for Widmore’s changing the game.

    And yeah, two years later I’m still trying to figure it all out. The reason why I love this show.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Exactly! How flexible are those ” rules” anyway? And things like “banishing” and Ben & Widmore not being able to kill each other. Those are a couple of points I’ve been mulling over lately. Was Ben really banished? Was Widmore? Was one just self induced ( Ben) and the other is really not capable of returning (Widmore)? Is there a physical/time/space etc. reason restricting them from personally eliminating the other? Or is all of this stuff a “Long Con” being played on them? That both are able to do those things but for someone(s) plan to work, they want them alive and/or to stay away from the Island?

    LOL…Most likely, we’ll still be trying to figure some of this stuff out even after May.

  3. 3

    ellemck1 said,

    Something about the way Ben left the Island, and the fact that he did come back, makes me think that he wasn’t actually banished. Just that he told everyone that he was to throw them off. And something tells me that he made it so Widmore was “banished”. I’m not completely sure how, pretty sure the why was just because of their relationship with each other and maybe to protect Alex, but that’s my thoughts.

    I think in the end, we might see a lot more of why Ben does all that he does. Not sure if we’ll understand it, but who knows? I’m sure there are going to be a ton of things I’ll still be questioning after the finale (sniff, sniff… finale in May.)

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    I wonder if Ben was under the impression that he was “banished” because he got some wrong information from someone? He was pretty upset turning the donkey wheel. Or was Ben just living his life the way he wanted it to happen ( Speaking to Jacob, Juliet and ” You’re Mine!”, etc.) until it all unraveled with “Locke” coming back and ” Alex” confronting him that shook him out of it? I’m still not totally sure.

    With the “We’re the good guys, Michael”, I think we need to know if that is true or not… and with it, Ben’s real motives. At least, that’s what I’m hoping…lol.

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