LOST Thoughts: “Buggy Wuggy Eyes” on GSPN!

This is just a little thank you note to Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft of the Generally Speaking LOST Podcast, for playing my LOST parody, “Buggy Wuggy Eyes”, on their show Saturday. It was just …weird and amazing to hear stuff that I wrote on a show I have been listening to for a couple years now. Thank you for the kind words and for your encouragement and enthusiasm about it. And yes, there will be more songs to come. šŸ™‚ em>You can listen to it on their weekend show Cabin Fever addition (May 11) as well as mentioned in their show notes.
They are quite the prolific podcasters. You can find their LOST podcast , as well as several other shows, at http://gspn.tv/ . They are also featured on the Lost Podcasting Network , along with many Lost related podcasts. Just look for the link under “Blogroll” at the sidebar.
(If you want to hear “Buggy Wuggy Eyes” or any other LOST parodies I’ve written, please click the link at the sidebar under “Categories/Lost Parodies” )


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