LOST Thoughts : There’s No Place Like Home – The Fellowship of Ly-ing

The scatter has occured. And this after we lost our only genuine Hobbit in the bunch!

This is the beginning of the finale, so I don’t have totality to fall back on. I guess I am the one standing in the shadow of the genius. That is why I’m going to do this “Hemmingway -style” this week. Ratta tat tat. So let’s get to it…

Rabbit’s feet appear. One foot is with chopper pilot. One foot is with Hurley’s birthday ride. It’s about bunnies. Pilot worried about “mojo”. Can’t ask Austin. Powers not Kate. Different spelling anyhow. Is the “mojo” O6? Something/one else on chopper?

Karen Decker, Oceanic’s slick chick. Stick to story. What would that be?

Jack’s mom’s back. Wasn’t at his wedding. Curious. Sun burns Daddy Paik. An Oceanic “logo” on his tie? Hurley & Sayid, brothers in arms. Carmen Reyes, everybody’s mama. Love her! Kate not feeling the love. Is her Austen dad dead? Disowned her?

Keeping promises. It is important to Jack. Also important to Ben. “I gave my word”. What is Ben’s word worth? Keep the change.

Daniel’s notebook like Indiana Jones’ dad’s notebook. One found past treasure. One for future travel. Both for their survival. “We need to get off this island!” Daniel protective of Charlotte. Leaves her for first run to freighter. Knows he’ll be back. As best he can tell, anyways.

Sawyer not wanting off island. Questions Jack’s need to leave. Ben’s in Sawyer’s head now. Just like James’ feared. Great Sawyer line: ” Hold on! You don’t get to die alone!”. Jack bested with his own motto. Ouch.

Day 108 is day of rescue. Numbers, Dude. Numbers. Jack “watched” Sun at conference. Don’t mess up. Why so nervous about Sun, Jack? Is Jin still alive? More about that later.

Sayid and Nadia. So happy! Future flash recall. Now, so sad.

Ben says moving island is “dangerous and unpredictable” Pot calling the kettle black.

Hugo has surprise party. It’s a joyous yet pychologically scaring occasion. In other words, typical birthday.
Another Geronimo Jackson sighting. Their album in DJ booth. Most touring they’ve ever done.

Crackers 15 years old, Hugo. Numbers, Dude. Numbers.

Sayid and Juliet’s unspoken trust. Liking it! Potential new ship: Sayet? Julied? Can a man and woman just be friends? Yes, LOST. They can.

How did Sun grift Daddy? Used 5 different banks. Were those the other O6’s ? Paik Sunburned again. Jin is dead. Sun holds two responsible. Mr. Paik and who? Jack? Keamy? Ben? Michael? Widmore? Herself? Sun said Daddy ruined Jin’s life. Death = way past ruined! Slip of the tongue? Is this a clue? Is Jin alive?

Mr. Clucks back in business. 8 piece on me, Hugo. Daddy finishes Camaro. Odometer reads 481516 2342. Is this the Island’s doing? Is Cheech “Gaslighting ” Hugo for money? Time will tell.

Red shirts on the rescue raft. Sweet!

I see. You see. We all see the C4. Keamy’s the trigger man.

Jack finding out about Claire. Claire’s mom spills it. She’s out of the coma. Didn’t see THAT coming! Darlton, you win.

New Otherton’s clothes in cleaners? Didn’t lose as many Others as I thought. Richard Alpert captures 2 of the six. Is this what happens when you’ve found the “Fountain of Youth” but have no cable?
*Note to self: Reinvest in Dharma Theatrical Glue factory*

Ben to Locke : “Anthuriums”?! Man, I need to brush up on my Botany. I’m flora impaired.

The Fellowship of the Ly-ing (Oceanic 6) : as of now
Sayid & Kate- Richard’s captives
Jack- Trekkin’ with Sawyer
Sun & Aaron- On boat that might go “Boom Boom”
Hugo- Storming the Orchid…well, actually hiding in the bushes NEAR the Orchid, polishing off those ancient crackers of wisdom.
Dig music montages on LOST. Keep um’ comin’!

I will be rewatching this episode of LOST on Thursday, along with the 2nd and 3rd parts. 3 hours of LOST … as it should be.


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