LOST Thoughts: Father’s Day on the Island

Wayne Henderson of the Wayne’s Take on LOST podcast posed an interesting question on GSPN forum.(His show can be found on the LOST Podcasting Network in the Blogroll. )
June is the month of Father’s Day. What are some things the Losties can do to celebrate? Here was my suggestion:

They could stage the Father’s Day LOST Olympiad. Some of the events could be…

First, it will commence with the Undousable Torch Run of the entire Island. This will conclude on the beach with the Lighting of the tarp & bamboo re-creation of Kate’s parents’ gas-filled farm house.

Opening Ceremonies : The Locke Toss

The Mr. Paik “giving a message” shot put
The Thomas Dodge (Responsiblities) Ball
The David Reyes Dead Beat Daddy Dash
The Roger Linus Breath Holding Contest
The Christian Shephard Test of Balance (one hand , a glass of scotch, the other a scalpel, all while treading on thin ice)
The Michael Dawson Tailies Skeet Shoot

Final Event: The Real Sawyer Tug O’ War (with chains)

Closing Event: The “Medal” Ceremonies (made of “extra” wire from the Fuselage strung through lids of Dharma brand cling peaches) and the raising of the Island flag (Hurley’s tie dye t-shirt) while humming a very moving rendition of Charlie Pace’s “Monster Eats the Pilot”.

Little unexpected thing just happened. As soon as I posted it, Wayne posted back. He asked if I would call or mp3 the above for his show! Um..yes, please. Thanks, Wayne! ( Too cool!) 🙂


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  1. 1

    Thanks so much for the kind comments, and your participation in the LOST communities. You are a hilarious writer. I checked out a few of your other posts, and enjoyed them as well. I would love to hear you recreate your fathers day entry as an mp3, by email to wayne@whpodcast.com, or by calling my Wayne’s Take on LOST listener line at 206-984-1446! PLZ!

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Absolutely, Wayne. I will be doing that sometime today, either by phone or mp3. And thank you for your kind words as well.
    ( As you can read, I made some “additions”. Needed to have opening and closing ceremonies 😉

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