LOST Thougths: The Finale is Coming! The Finale is Coming!

Well, just a few short hours ( actually LONG hours) until tonite’s LOST finale. So I just wanted to reflect on this season and some …SOME…of my favorite LOST moments and/or additions.

The Freighties: One of the best introductions of new characters on ANY show, ever! (Don’t NikkiandPaulo them, please.)
Hurley seeing Charlie by the Ho Ho’s.
Jack’s reaction to finding out Claire is his half sister.
“What happened to them? He did” (Locke pointing at Ben).
Taller Ghost Walt – may be my favorite Sawyer nickname (next to “Babynapper”)
Desmond’s phone call to Penny…eight years later
Bernie & Rosie, together again!
The merging of Sarcastic Sawyer & Genial James
In the future, Ben is a Veterinarian
Richard Alpert showing up at Locke’s birth
The Return of Michael Dawson/Kevin Johnson (unfortuately spoiled… but still … )
Keamy….he’s genuinely scary.
Matthew Abbadon…ALSO genuinely scary.
More Geronimo Jackson sightings…who ARE these guys?
“YOU’RE MINE!!!” ( Ben, you smooth talker, you. I think I dated him in high school.)
“It’s really stressful being an Other, JacK.”
Jorge and his ” tears on demand” . He is just awesome! 🙂
Ben and Hugo have an “International Coffees” moment over an Apollo bar
Sun “slapping” Mr. Paik ( financially, anyhow)
Sun and Hurley at Jin’s grave (Say it ain’t so!)
Red shirts on the rescue raft
Kate and Jack’s engagement moment ( I have no preference in the great shipper debate. I just thought it was well done)
The fellas playing RISK.
The Sayid/Nadia reunion …but sadly…will be cut short.
The Linus/Widmore showdown
“Desmond Hume is my constant.”
Claire’s creepy cabin smile
Ben’s “See you at dinner”, carrying his clean bedding.
Locke’s “breakfast” for Miles.
” Because I have a man on the boat”
Christian Shephard…period.


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