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LOST Thoughts : There’s No Place Like Home – The Fellowship of Ly-ing Parts 2 and 3 ( The Acrostic Version)

I have now watched the entire three hour finale 3 times (not counting the initial time or two of TNPLH Part 1). Sadly, I have the first three finales practically memorized 😉 . But for some reason, Season 4’s has been hard to wrap my little gray matter around. But I must blog on! So, I shall try to be slightly “poetic” and touch on some of the highlights and insights.

Aaron needs to go back (says creepy dream caller) but “Don’t you DARE..” (says creepy dream Claire).

Bernard’s Rose is on peanut patrol, Shorty!

Christian Shephard ” downsizes ” Michael Dawson

Daniel wants to leave REALLY badly but Charlotte wants to stay at her BIRTHPLACE?!

Exit stage left behind , via chopper, for Sawyer but not before he gives Kate his “last request”.

Funeral homes apparently have lousy security.

“Greenhouse effect” on Jack by Locke, “You’re gonna have to lie”.

Hallowax says bunny only “appears” to disappear.

Igloo-like time travelin’ bunny machine dwells ‘neath the hearty Anthuriums! ( Well, it did anyway 😦 . )

Jack is whack….the Island’s gone, dude. Or IS it? (thinking 4th dimensionally hurts a little)

Keamy is “Psycho-ed” by Ben but at the cost of the Freighter people. “So?”

Locke in the coffin freaked me OUT!

More Miles in Season 5, please. “What DO I mean?”

Numbers: on the helicopter 842, Jack hits Des 15 (shown) times on chest to revive him. (There’s more, I’m sure. Let me know what I missed ).

Oceanic 6 need to go back…and probably “on the run” Desmond and Frank…oh, and dead Locke. Have fun! 🙂

Penny and Desmond reunited…beyond sweet.

Questions & answers…Answers & questions…I love LOST!

Richard and Ben seem to have had a “falling out” but what’s the source?

Sayid visits Hurley, at Santa Rosa, playing chess with MR EKO (and wins playing from “the dark side”)?!

“The hand that turns the frozen donkey wheel rules the world! Oops! Sorry, I mean they can’t come back. Love, Jacob”.

Untimely death of Jin or did he jump off in time and got picked up by Daniel & The Red Shirts (That’d be a cool LOST Tribute band name)?

Video in the Orchid station rewinds and it appears that Locke does too? (Good eyes, Ryan and Jen)

Widmore and Sun in cahoots or is she playing him? Corporate takeovers…you just can’t stop at one.

Xerox copy of John Locke is Jeremy Bentham or is name just an alias?

Yellow lab Vincent, Smokey and The Hurley Bird are MIA …hmmmmm….

Zurich, Switzerland is Dean Moriarty’s (Ben Linus) birthplace on the passport he’ll use after leaving the Island (Thanks LOSTpedia for my Z).

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LOST Video : LOST & The Rainbow Connection

The Muppets & LOST? Oh, yeah! (Made by IAmSoLostRightNow { Yjackni1} for youtube)

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LOST Cartoon Art : The Man of Faith (and the Man of Science)

John Locke (played by Terry O’Quinn)

If you are even slightly contemplating about telling him what he can’t do….DON’T!

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : (moving the dynamite at the black rock )

Jack: ” You like to play games, John?”
Locke: ” Absolutely.”

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LOST Video : LOST Theme Beat Box

I found this on youtube. (made by EdHargrave) It’s pretty cool.

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LOST Cartoon Art : The Man of Science (and the Man of Faith)

Dr. Jack Shepard: (played by Matthew Fox)

He can fix your spine. He can fix your kite. He can fix that little plane crash story with the press. But the real question is….can he fix my back brakes?

See, they’ve been really grinding lately. If he can’t do it, I was thinking maybe he could at least float me a loan off some of that sweet O6 cash?

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : Jack telling Sawyer about his far-sightedness.

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LOST Cartoon Art: He’s A Nigerian Priest (By Proxy)

“Tell them that Mr. Eko let you live.” I haven’t decided if those are some of the best or worst words you could ever hear. (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje )

Happy LOST Thought of the Day: (Locke and Eko) “Hello…….Hello”

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LOST Thoughts : LOST Theme Park at Disney World (and some ride suggestions )

Wayne Henderson of Wayne’s Take on LOST podcast posed this question in his latest podcast: “If Disney did a LOST Theme park addition to Disney World, what could be some of the attractions? (seeing ABC is Disney owned) Well, here’s some of my ideas that I sent him….

1. Catch a Falling Boar (and put it in your pocket)
Just like those good ol’ fashioned greased pig mudpits you see at the county fair. But here at the LOST Theme park, we have genetically programmed each specially selected boar to have a personal vendetta against YOU. But don’t forget, you must catch it before it takes your tarp to go camping.

2. Room 23 Skidoo
You’ll thrill at the brain bending twists and turns as you are strapped to a chair, fitted for an IV and repeatedly “loop da looping” your way through a series of mind altering 3D images like ” Think About Your Life” , “Everything Changes” and ” Buy ‘The Game Plan’, starring The Rock”.

3. Turbine Country
Oh, you know how outta hand things get when there’s a turbine around! Take turns “partying like rockstar” Charlie as you and your friends see who get the closest to the plummeting plane part without getting crush into a fine powder. And get “Trouped” in the Turbine Twista’ (Air Jordan will have nothin’ on you)!

4. The Waterfall of Wonders
Dive deep into our own spectacular LOST Water Park. You can just take a dip or play along in “Sawyer’s Scavenger Seahunt”. Have a blast as you and your “Freckles” search for treasures from the past like the mysterious Halliburton case (with a little surprise inside), “come in handy later” plane wreckage and bloated wallets off the remains of former fellow passengers (also bloated).

5. Danielle’s Booby Hatch Traps
That French chick was crazy….like a FOX! But not as wacky as her zany contraptions of survival. Experience the Baby Dolls of Death, the Swinging Spike Stump and the REAL Tunnel O’ Love, the “Getting Caught in a Net ” SkyTram. Ooh la la!

6. Nigerian Drug Plane Freefall
Hang on for the ride of your life (and possible demise) as you ascend off a magestic cliff to the jungle below. You’ll be hurdling at speeds no human could possibly endure without sustaining serious bodily injury as you hear the rockin’ soundtrack of the desperate cries of LOST fan favorites Bernard and Locke. It’s a Boone-ified good time!

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