LOST Thoughts: It IS About Bunnies,Wayne :)

Thanks to Wayne Henderson of Wayne’s Take on LOST for the mention and link to my site. He played the mp3 of my “Fathers Day LOST Olympiad” on his June 1st show. (Wayne can also be found on the LOST Podcasting Network )
He has a very good LOST podcast (along with a fantastic voice) . If you like his “take on LOST” , let him know on iTunes , phone or email (found at his site). He is also going to be podcasting about the new J.J. Abram’s incarnation, “Fringe”. Looking forward to it, Wayne.

I will be writing about the finale very soon. I need to do a rewatch because there was so much to absorb. There was a frozen donkey wheel, Sayid’s killer heels, sweet kisses and near misses. And let’s not forget all those time travelin’ bunnies. And Ben’s got a little bunny passport for all of them (except for maybe the one that got toasted). Why? Cuz’ he ALWAYS has a plan.


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    Thanks again Ms. Wendy for sharing your Fathers Day LOST ideas for my WTOL podcast. I really appreciate it, as well as this awesome blog post!

    In regards to season #4 of LOST, I’d like to quote John Locke: “We’re gonna have to watch that again”!


  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Your are very welcome, Wayne! Keep on castin’! 🙂 I think WTOL is a wonderful show.

    That John Locke. He always knows just what to say 😉

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