LOST Thoughts: Nicole’s LOST and LOST Blogspotters

Just a quick “Thank you” to Nicole’s LOST and LOST Blogspotters for adding It’s About Bunnies to their sites. Nicole (along with fellow contributors Renee, Katy P., Amanda and Alan) has a wonderful blog with tons of links and great insights into the show. And I stumbled upon the LOST Blogspotters page checking my stats (thanks “Referers” !) It is a very thorough listing of LOST related sites.

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    izikavazo said,

    How is it possible to get onto LOST Blogspotters? I’d love to get my blog (http://ncjl.wordpress.com/) on there, but there appears to be no contact info

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi izikavazo,
    I’m not sure myself. I was looking at my “Referers” page and there was a link to my site from Blogspotters. I was guessing that who does the page may have found my link on other sites I’m on and added it. I wanted to email them a “Thanks” but alas, no email like you said.

    By the way, fantastic looking LOST site! Will do my part to help by putting a link here.

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