LOST Thoughts : Sawyer Nickname Origins # 1

We are into the first month or so of the LOST hiatus. Hopefully, it will not be stretched out further than January with the possible Actors Strike (for everyone involved) . But to fill the empty spaces, I’ve decided to do a little odd undertaking. I am going to attempt (whether I succeed is another story) to rewatch the episodes, in order, and find out the root of as many of James “Sawyer” Ford’s nicknames as I can.

I shall now proceed with the one that started it all…..Lardo < (directed at Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Pilot episode, Part 2).

According to msn Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2008 Microsoft Corporation,

lard [ laard ]
white cooking fat: white, slightly soft, pork fat. Use: cooking, in ointments and perfumes

verb (past and past participle lard·ed, present participle lard·ing, 3rd person present singular lards)

1. transitive and intransitive verb add lard to meat before cooking: to thread strips of fat or fatty bacon through holes made in a lean cut of meat to keep the meat moist while cooking

2. transitive verb include extra words in text: to include an unnecessary or undesirable amount of additional material in a speech or piece of writing
larded with quotations

[14th century. < French, “bacon” < Latin lar(i)dum]

Lard can be made into soap and even a form of biofuel. (Wikipedia : under Lard)

I even found this article about lard actually being healthy(?!) by Pete Wells of Food and Wine.com.

So lard seems to be very useful and may even be good for us. Interestingly, in Season 3’s “Left Behind” , it was the roasting of a boar, with all of its many uses ,that positioned Sawyer into being seen by the group as a potential leader. Even….a nice guy? All from the help of who? Oh yeah, Hurley. 🙂


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