LOST Thoughts : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 2

The next Sawyer nickname, “Doc”, ( Pilot episode Part 2) is for this guy
Dr. Jack Shephard.

Obviously, “Doc” is just a friendly, abbreviated version of Doctor. At this point, Sawyer didn’t have a major ax to grind with Jack. This will soon change with the vying for the affections of a certain freckle-faced fugitive. (Who DO I mean?!) 🙂
Don’t fret about Sawyer. All he needs is a couple bandaids and a bottle of peroxide. 😉

Other famous “Docs”

Doc Holliday : Dentist by trade, gunfighter out of necessity, gambler extraordinare, fought at the OK Corral, had tuberculousis, looked like Val Kilmer.

Doc Marten: Maker of high quality, yet provocative, leather footwear

Doc: One of the adorable dwarfs from the Disney version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Doc Brown : Beloved wacky scientist from the time traveling ” Back to the Future” movie series. (It’s all about the gigawatts.)

Doc : T. V. Show, formally on PAX TV , starring Billy Ray Cyrus, about a country doctor practicing medicine in the big city. It was a heart warming, but unfortuately, mullet-free program.


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