LOST Thoughts : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 3

The next Sawyer nickname that I detected was ” Sweetheart” , pinned onto the lovely but lethal Kate Austen .

According to a summerized explanation of the term “Sweetheart” from the book “Why You Say It” by Webb Garrison (Rutledge Hill Press, Copyright 1992) at www.brownielocks.com

Many years ago, the heart was considered the “seat of the emotions” and that this was facilitated by its biological function (i.e. pumping blood). Knowledge of the circulatory system was minimal. So personality traits were attributed to it: terms like kind hearted, soft hearted , heavy hearted, cold hearted, etc.
Because of the “rush” that people would feel when they were attracted to someone, making the heart beat faster, a new term for this love enduced quickening was adopted, “swete heart”. It was later changed to the “sweetheart” we’ve come to know today for someone that makes out ticker go “pitty pat”.

But I can’t see how this would be applicable to Sawyer & Kate 😉 .


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