LOST Thoughts: Sawyer Nickname Origin # 6

In Season One episode ” Tabula Rasa”, this is the first time we hear the nickname “Freckles” (Kate Austen) where the Island’s initial ” Oceanic 6″ (Kate, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon, Boone, and Sayid ) are sitting around the campfire, talking about what just happened to them (the crash) and what didn’t happen for a mysterious French woman some 16 years ago (rescue).

Obviously, Sawyer calls her ” Freckles” because….well, she has FRECKLES! πŸ™‚ But there has been speculation that in Season 3’s Finale ” Through the Looking Glass ” , our corn fed fuggie from Iowa appears to have lost her trademark marks. With Desmond’s and Daniel’s dimensional discoveries, digited does (rabbits) and “do over ” dead (?) doctors , could the dappleless damsel be a doppelganger? ( I think I just sprained something with that last sentence πŸ˜‰ )


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