LOST Thoughts : Congratulations, LOST!

Woo Hoo! LOST has racked up 7 Emmy nominations this year. They are as follows….

1.) Best Series, Dramatic : LOST

2.) Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series : Michael Emerson as Ben

3.) Outstanding Cinematography for a One Hour Series: Lost * ” The Constant” * ABC *ABC Studios, John Bartley A.S.C. C. S.C., Director of Photography

4.) Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Dramatic Series: LOST, ” There’s No Place Like Home (Parts 2 & 3), ABC * ABC Studios
Henk Van Eeghan , Editor
Robert Fiorio, Editor
Mark J. Goldman, Editor
Stephen Semel, Editor

5.) Outstanding Music Composition For a Series (Original Dramatic Score) Lost * The Constant* ABC* ABC Studios, Michael Giacchino, Music By

6.) Outstanding Sound Editing For a Series : Lost * The Shape of Things to Come* ABC * ABC Studios
Thomas deGroter, M.P.S.E , Supervising Sound Editor
Paul Fairfield, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Carla Murray, M.P.S.E. ,Sound Editor
Maciek Malish, M.P.S.E , Sound Editor
Lloyd Jay Keiser, Sound Editor
Joseph Schultz, Sound Editor
Jim Bailey, Foley Artist
Cynthia Merrill, Foley Artist
Alex Levy, Music Editor

7.) Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Comedy or Drama Series: Lost * Meet Kevin Johnson* ABC * ABC Studios
Robert Anderson, Production Mixer
Frank Morrone, Re-Recording Mixer
Scott Weber, Re-Recording Mixer

Update: Listening to Ryan and Jen of The Transmission podcast ( and I believe they also mentioned it on LOST Unlocked podcast) that LOST Mobisodes were nominated for an Emmy in a new catagory specifically for this new media. I didn’t see it on the official Emmys list when I was typing it up. But I must have missed it. So, congratulations on another nomination! 🙂


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