LOST Thoughts : Hurley Nickname Origin #1

Now as you probably know, Sawyer isn’t the only one to bust out the ol’ nicknames every once in a while. Today it’s Hugo’s turn.

” Johnny Fever” was given to the Federal Marshall who temporarily captured
Kate Austen but became severally distracted by a large, infected gaping gut wound and an out of control body temperature.

Dr. Johnny Fever (played by Howard Hesseman) was one of the eccentric disc jockeys on the hit sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati” (1978-1982). According to Wikipedia, Dr. Johnny Fever (John Caravella) “often uses a stage name, notably including Johnny Cool, Johnny Duke, Johnny Style, Johnny Midnight, Johnny Sunshine, Rip Tide and Heavy Early.” ( Judging from all the aliases, he’d probably give some of the Losties’ flashbacks a run for their money 🙂 )

” WKRP in Cincinnati” was about a small, midwestern rock and roll radio station and its trying to stay afloat in its market with a cast of wacky characters getting into some sort of trouble, with the station and/or personal relationships. It’s most famous for their “Thanksgiving Episode” and the unfortuate incident that ensues from lack of knowledge of turkeys’ ” limitations” 😉 .

Maybe Edward Mars WAS a part time DJ , “spinin’ the wax” for the Federal Marshalls’ radio station? I’m guessing he probably sounded something like this….

(Station call letters *sings* ” WFED!” ) ” Alright, babies. I hear ya cryin’. And it ain’t for ya “Ba Ba” …and it ain’t for ya “Ma Ma”, babies. It’s for what the Doctor’s got for ya. That’s right, little ones. Givin’ ya what ya need…what Dr. Eddie Mars has ordered. It’s a “double shot” of Geronimo Jackson . Dig it!


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