LOST Thoughts : Dark UFO’s Fantasy/Prediction League

I just signed up for Dark UFO’s Season Five Fantasy League a day or two ago. It is much like a Sports Fantasy league. You “build” and name your team by making picks from various “players” and use a point systems ( + and – ) to tally your score. The winner with the most points at the end of the season even gets a prize(s). They also have several mini leagues to choose from that you join. When the season starts, you can check your “stats” at your mini team’s site. They do it all for you. (Thanks Dark UFO/mini league teams! ) 🙂

There is also a Prediction League when you can guess where you can make you best guess as to what and/or when things will happen in Season 5 of Lost.

But you must hurry to be a part of Fantasy and/or Prediction League(s). Sign up’s are only for the next day or two, probably before the Lost Panel at ComicCon on Saturday. For the Predition League, they will close it after the first 10,000 submissions prior to the start of the season.

Thanks to Dark UFO in their quest in making LOST even more fun and exciting ( and obsession inducing) 😉

Here are my Fantasy League Season 5 picks:

The It’s About Bunnies Team

Richard Alpert
Hurley Reyes
Walt Lloyd
Ji-Yeon Kwon
Horace Goodspeed
Daniel Faraday


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