LOST Thought : It’s About Bunnies Update

First, I would like to say a quick “Hello” to all the new viewers to ” It’s About Bunnies” from Lostzilla and Holli Jo’s Lost.onabc.tv. .

“It’s About Bunnies” is a fairly young blog ( since mid April, 2008 ) but it has been growing pretty quickly. It is the Featured Blog under the “Lost” catagory, as well as several other tags. Each month has far surpassed it previous one. Now today, it was on the list of ” Blogs of the Day (Growing Blogs)” on WordPress for the first time. And it is because you are reading it, asking for snippets on your podcast, linking it to your own site and/or posting a swell write up on your own blog. Or maybe you did none of that and you accidentally clicked on the link thinking it was about raising pet rabbits.

Regardless, it may not seem like much. But to me, it is. And I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you spending time here at the Bunnies Hatch. Thanks, again 8)


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