LOST Thoughts : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 9

Poor Hurley! Sawyer tags him yet again with a food related nickname, ” Pork Pie”. He lets this one fly during an altercation between them over who “took” the last of the airline cuisine in the Season One episode, ” Walkabout”.

Pork pies, according to Wikipedia, ” are a type of meat pie and are traditional British food. They consist of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly sealed in a hot water crust pastry, and are normally eaten cold. In Yorkshire, a pork pie is occasionally referred to as a “growler”. Pork jelly is a mixture of leftover pig organs, such as trotters, ears and snouts, boiled in vinegar, bay leaves, chili pepper and lemon and then pickled in their own jelly”. Ahhh…..yum??? .

There is even a Pork Pie Appreciation Society, listing any pork pie news, recipes, events and even get togethers with fellow porcine in pastry devotees.

Wiki also points out that ” Pork pie or Porkie Pie, often shortened to porky, is the Cockney rhyming slang term for lie ” Now how could lying and Hurley be connected together? Let’s see… ( Oceanic 6)….I can’t think of anything off hand (telling Sawyer he’s being banished) nothing really comes to mind….(tricking people into thinking he was kidnapped, tied up in closet) …Oh well, I give up. 😉

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