LOST Cartoon Art : The Only Australian Who Loves Peanut Butter

Claire Littleton (played by Emilie de Ravin) : Such a young woman to have gone through so much intense drama in her life.

Mother in a coma from an accident she “caused”
Finding out Christian Shephard is her real father
Boyfriend in Australia leaves her after she becomes pregnant
Attempts to give the baby up for adoption
Surviving a plane crash while pregnant
Delivering baby on island soon after
Having Amnesia
Boyfriend of three months sacrificed his life to save you
Baby stolen on multiple occasions, including by her boyfriend
Almost crushed, while holding Aaron, by a hurtling Swan Hatch Quarantine Door
Profuse hemorraging from Others Brand Time Release Death Capsules
Being inside an exploding house

And yet Claire, as of late, seems to have matured and is rather composed, despite her harrowing circumstances.

Either that or she’s dead.

Happy Lost Though of the Day : Charlie NOT reading Claire’s diary


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