LOST Thoughts : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 10

“Metro” was given to Boone Carlisle during a scuffle about food between Hurley and Sawyer, in his attempt to break it up (Season One, “Walkabout”) . Sawyer was suggesting that Boone was a little on the “high maintenance” side. That he ( Boone) is a guy who appears to spend a bit too much time on his “look” instead of on other more “useful” pursuits ( Ironically, the same thing that Boone was busting Shannon about).

Now, just because Boone is ” pretty” does not mean he is not tough and resourceful when the “chips are down”.

Wasn’t he the first one to think of the pen thing when Rose was unconscious, huh? I guess that wasn’t technically “neccesary”.

Wait! Didn’t he go and save JoAnna from drowning? Well, he DID drowned a little in the attempt, despite being a lifeguard..but STILL!

But wasn’t he the first one to volunteer to be “on watch” when weird stuff started happening on the beach? Ok…he did fall asleep and Scott got mangled during his charge. Hey, that could happen to ANYBODY!

Hold on! Didn’t he scale that cliff to reach the Nigerian drug plane, actually getting a signal on the radio that could…have…gotten…them…res…cued.

Yeah…well… Boone ran a wedding planning business almost all by himself before the crash. How do you like him NOW?! 😉


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