LOST Thoughts: Sawyer Nickname Origin # 11 and Jack Nickname Origin #1

In the Season One Lockecentric episode “Walkabout”, both Jack and Sawyer give the Island’s jungle a “nickname” of its own. Sawyer chooses to call it the ” Magic Forrest”. Jack dubs it ” The Heart of Darkness”. Are these more than clever quips? Are these the perspectives of these two men of how they see this place from the beginning? Does Sawyer ultimately see the Island as a place of escape, of a better way of life, despite the hardships? Is it making him “better” ? Is that why Ben was so affective in tormenting him with what’s waiting for him “in the real world”?

Jack, on the other hand, as he ventures deeper into the mysteries of the Island, is it amplifying his worst instincts? Is it drawing out more of his flaws, making it harder to live up to the ideals he has so desperately wants to aspire?

Searching the Net, I found an amusement park called ” The Magic Forrest”. Is that what it is for Sawyer? Remember….” I’m in the wild”. That statement speaks of his survivalist/scavenger like behavior. But it was with a big smile on his face. This is the adventure he always wanted. As a boy….as a man…to be the hero in all those tv shows, movies and books he references. That there is still some good in this world and that he can be an instrument of it.

There is another perspective, though. The Magic Forrest is also in Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm (you ain’t kidding). Hansel and Gretel get lost in the forest then lured further into it with tales of goodies and fun at the witch’s house, only to put them in an oven to eat them! Is this a setup, by giving Sawyer what he wants, tricking him in the king of all cons? ” Your good…we’re better”. Is the “box” Ben speaks of, that contains whatever you wish for, in the end be James’ ” oven”? (But then again, what DOES happen to the old woman and not to the LOST children?)

Jack is ” There’s a glass?” / ” Heart of Darkness” kinda guy. Ironically, when he says this to Kate, he is adorned in a white shirt with matching neckerchief. All he is missing is the horse and the ten gallon Stetson. He is the picture of “Hero”. But his first thoughts are of ” the horror…the horror” . And he’s not off in his accessment. They did see the pilot ripped from the cockpit and eviscerated, bloody and dangling from a treetop.( I know that might not help “close the deal” on this Island timeshare for me.) But he seemed much more “calm” about it than Kate and Charlie. Granted, he’s seen some gory scenes in the ER , I’m sure. But I suspect not of this calibre.
It is right after this episode that we have our first JackBack ( White Rabbit) and even is being set up in “Walkabout” that Jack might be “losing it”, seeing a mysterious figure. And he is drawn into where by them ? The Heart of Darkness….the jungle. Before his first “vision” of who turns out to be his father, Jack was all about burning the fuselage to be seen as a signal for rescue. After he enters the jungle, he wants to stay in the caves.
As he sets up roots, he starts to unravel. But then he shifts in Season 3, willing to leave all of them behind, except Kate, to get out. However, when he does, he is no better, if not worse.
So which is it for Jack? Will it ever work out for him? Or is this who he has always been? Will returning to the Island solidify the inevitable…full blown insanity? Or is it ” cut to cure” , that he must do this “the hard way” to finally be whole?

Reading the wiki on Heart of Darkness, reminded me that Africa, the setting of the story, has been “nicknamed” the Dark Continent ( The Dark Territory?). Is this also a clue? Africa….”Adam and Eve” in the cave….Is it all going “back to the Garden” , as many are speculating on the message boards. (There are a couple illusions to the Genesis account in the book by Joseph Conrad as well. )Is the finding of the Island the prelude to the ultimate “course correction” , Armeggdon?

Happy LOST Thought of the Day (much needed after THAT… 🙂 ) : Sawyer being “fresh out of pies” to throw at Jack.


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