LOST Thoughts: Naomi’s Bracelet

I was snooping around Dark UFO today, checking out the polls and other stuff. There was one titled “What Minor Mystery Do You Want Solved” . The options were:

Henry Gale
Sarah Shepherd’s lover
Where christian’s body is
Why Radzinsky edited the orientation films
Why miles wants 3.2 million dollars
Who is R.G on the bracelets

In the comments section, LOSTINNJ said ” Darlton has said the R.G. had no meaning relevant to the show. What was most likely relevant was the “N” part of the bracelet and the sentiment that followed, which is why Sayid kept the bracelet. ” (Thanks LOSTINNJ for this provoking assertion 8) ) .

Now, Darlton may have said that. But remember…they gave us Benjamin Linus 😉 .

In that vein, it may be that the bracelet was not Naomi’s but Nadia’s and the RG stands for
” Republican Guard” and was given to her by someone with whom she might have had a clandestined relationship and were a member of said group. Hmmm…..who would that be, I wonder?

And if that is the case, the real question is how did Naomi get it? And also, does Sayid palm it, give it back to Nadia in the future, then have it taken by Else when she killed (?) Nadia , later possibly seen on her wrist in ” The Economist”, bringing an odd sadness/relief of finally avenging Nadia’s death?

Just tossin’ it out there 🙂 .


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