LOST Thoughts: Sawyer Nickname Origin #12

In Season One’s ” White Rabbit”, Sawyer and Shannon Rutherford are negotiating the “price” of a can of bug spray, as he reads the first of the Island’s many novels, Watership Down (turns out to be Boone’s copy).

” Sticks” ( Shannon) is blocking the sun that was illuminating his reading material. Sticks? ” As in those legs of yours” .

Well, that pretty much explains it ! 😉


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    Amanda said,

    i just saw ur blog, and doda told me to leave a comment! so heres my comment!! cool blog, ms. Wendy! And justin is justin need I say more! have a nice and wonderful day! bye!

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hey Amanda!

    Cool Beans 8) ! Aww…thanks for the comment!*hugs* Stop by here anytime (At least, after you get all caught up on the show, that is …don’t want you to get spoiled. Let me know if you ever want to have a Lost marathon . 🙂 ) Hey Doda, you need to comment too (and tell your friends. ) !
    You have a good day, too!
    (P.S. Justin is indeed…Justin. 😉 )

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