LOST Thoughts : Charlie Nickname Origin # 1

Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan) has been known to make a cheeky little comment now and then. So, here is the first one that I detected, nicknames wise. It is in the episode ” White Rabbit” (Season One) where he is talking to Claire ( Emilie de Ravin) about John Locke ( Terry O’ Quinn) going out to find water for her and the other survivors. She is concerned about him being eaten by the Smoke Monster.

But Charlie thinks ” that geezer with his 400 knives” is much scarier.

The Maven’s Word of the Day states that ” The earliest relevant sense of geezer is ‘an old person (usu. a man), esp. one who is eccentric or offensive’. This sense, first recorded in 1885, is the only one in current use in America.

The sense ‘an odd or unusual person; blockhead’, which was extremely common in America from the 1890s to the 1920s, is now rare.

It is most likely that geezer represents a dialectal pronunciation of the earlier Scots word guiser ‘a person who dresses in fantastic costumes; masquerader; mummer’, derived from guise used as a verb meaning ‘to dress fantasticaly’. This guiser was in reasonably frequent use from the fifteenth century onwards, and deriving geezer from it makes sense both phonetically and semantically. ”

Locke a geezer? Chronologically mature (check), pecular (check), capricious (check) and clothed in garb reinforcing his “Hunter” complex (check). Sorry, John…*hug*

Speaking of check, still cannot figure out how Locke got his little silver Box o’ Ginsus on the plane without having some serious connections. But with who? Let the speculation commence! ( Ron Popeil= Him? )


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