LOST Thoughts: Sawyer Nickname Origin # 13

Water was quickly becoming a scarcity on the Island in Season One’s ” White Rabbit”. Sun is questioned by Sayid and Kate about a bottled water she had. They discover that Sawyer and “Mr. Miyagi ” (Jin, played by Daniel Dae Kim) “traded caveman-style” for it in exchange for a fish.

Mr. Miyagi (played by Pat Morita) is a character from the enormously successful flick from 1984 entitled ” The Karate Kid” It is about a skinny teenager from New York named Daniel (played by Ralph Macchio) who finds himself in California without friends or self esteem. He meets his apartment complex’s super ( Mr. Miyagi) after he has a run in with some local Bruce Lee wannabes from his high school. It is not long before we discover that Mr.Miyagi is actually an expert in martial arts.

These two form a life long bond through friendship, karate, Billy Zabka and manual labor that spans two sequels.

In tribute, I have attached a video I found on youtube (Made by PollyEster1) to the Joe Esposito hit
” You’re the Best ” from ” The Karate Kid” soundtrack and some of our “Danielsons” from Lost.


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