LOST Thoughts : Charlie Nickname Origin # 3

In ” House of the Rising Sun” (Season One), Charlie, a flirty Kate & Jack and ” The Great White Hunter” ( John Locke) take a trek to the new found water source discovered by “Luck” by Dr. Shephard in the caves. ( Luck had nothing to do with it, as we know, but Christian Shephard.

* Note to self* Next possible project: Comb through episodes and track the “lies” and find what really happened {or at least what appears to have happened 😉 }.

According to TV Tropes Wiki about the term Great White Hunter (along with a list of well known ones in fiction)

“The heroic counterpart to the Egomaniac Hunter and the Evil Poacher, the Great White Hunter is a heroic big game hunter. He is most likely a Gentleman Adventurer but he could also be an earthier type who leads safaris for a living. Either way he will be an expert tracker, a crack shot and skilled at wilderness survival. ”

Yes, the name seems to fit John fairly “spot on”. But doesn’t this nickname, in many ways, also apply to Kate? Or is she just a star pupil for whatever ” Great White Hunter” taught her? Sam Austen? Joe (Kelvin) Inman? Edward Mars? Or someone else we know or will learn of later? Possibly setting her up to be the “LaShade” of the series? In the pilot episode, she tells Jack that she saw the entire crash. Why? Was she somehow “prepared” for it?

Eh, maybe Hurley’s ” LaShade” ( evil mastermind/ former ally) because he brought it up? Maybe Lost is like author Agatha Christie’s (” Evil Under the Sun” , a Lost booklist novel) ” Murder on the Orient Express” where *spoiler* They all were the murderer * End of spoiler *.

Could everyone on Lost have “dirty hands” and is a mole for the mysterious ” him” , the Ultimate Great White Hunter?

(You watch! Now no one will be ” LaShade” and it’s a total red herring? Oh, I don’t know…see what you do to me, Lost? 😉 )

* Side note* Clint Eastwood made a movie in 1990 of this theme titled ” White Hunter, Black Heart” co starring Mr. Jeff Fahey a.k.a Frank Lapidus 8) .


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