LOST Thoughts (and Video) : Sawyer Nickname Origin #14

Sawyer and “Omar” (Sayid) are contemplating what to do with an irrate Jin who attacked Michael on the beach (House of the Rising Sun, Season One). They decide to handcuff him to the wreckage until some answers are produced. Sun provides them to Michael (in English, a language no one thought that she knew). It was because he was wearing a watch Sun’s father asked him to deliver in L.A. when they got there. Michael then breaks Jin free with an axe. Henceforth, Jin will continue to wear half a pair of handcuffs until Michael cuts it off in the Swan Hatch in Season Two’s “What Kate Did” (Episode 9) { That’s 27 episodes! There needs to be some kind of award for Daniel Dae Kim, as well as LOST for continuity 🙂 }

“Omar” nickname origin may be another nickname simular to that of ” Abdul” (see Sawyer Nickname Origin # 5. It may also be a reference to dashing leading man of stage and screen Omar Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago).

But we have been aquainted yet again with this name in Season Four (Lost is certainly known for its use of repeated names ) . Martin Keamy’s “little buddy” , his Lackey # 1 , was named….Omar (played by Anthony Azizi) (Thanks LOSTpedia ). And he was a very good sidekick….until Keamy sidekicked a grenade in his immediate direction.

Here’s a video called ” Keamy- Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!” (Made by dharmagedon2k for youtube) with Martin & Sayid sluggin’ it out to some Vanilla Ice/TMNT, sprinkled with flashes of Freighter Omar.


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