LOST Thoughts: Locke Nickname Origin #1

John Locke nickname? Yep.

Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke, while collecting water in the new found caves, stumble upon two skeletons; one male, one female. In the pocket of the man was a pouch containing one black and one white stone. (House of the Rising Sun, Season One), While pondering the discovery of the two well decomposed bodies, Locke declares ” Our very own ‘Adam and Eve’ “.

Though there have been many inferences and illustrations of it in art and literature ( such as John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” ) the main source of the ” Adam and Eve” story is The Bible.

In Genesis Chapters 1-3, is the written account of the first man and woman created , their temption by the serpent , their fall into sin, and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. At the end of the story that takes place near the Garden, Adam and Eve are kept from returning to Eden by angels (cherabim) and a flaming sword that guards the entrance to it, to keep the “tree of life”. That they may not enter there in the fallen state that they are in. If they entered back into “paradise”, they will remain in a state of “death”. The rest of the Bible is the continuence toward redemption of those who are “fallen from grace”, to be reconciled with God in “life” again.

There seems to be many themes that are akin to these in Lost: temptation, falling short, consequences, destruction, repentance & forgiveness (or refusal of), and probably in the end, some sort of redemption and restoration.

I have said this before that there is quite a bit of theorizing on some boards and blogs that the Island may be a type of ” Garden of Eden” ( or the “actual” one, storywise anyway 😉 ) . But who are the ” Adam and Eve” of it? ( Please, let me know who you think they might be and why. I’d love to hear from you , in comments or at bunnieshatch@aol.com 🙂 )

Here are a few possible candidates ( the majority fall in the “probably not” column…but still fun) :

Jack and Kate ( who both mention ” Adam and Eve” {and Kate not wanting to be ” Eve” } in HOTRS, and that he, at least for now, has the black and white stones.)
Sawyer and Kate ( Triangle)
Sawyer and Juliet ( Quadrangle)
Jack and Juliet ( Parallelagram)
Desmond and Penny (he promised to never leave her…maybe it will be here where they remain?)
Daniel and Charlotte ( because she was “born” here and ” the light …doesn’t..quite..scatter” 8) )
Rose and Bernard ( She needs to stay and he stopped building the S. O. S. sign)
Jin and Sun ( if he “jumped ship” that is)
Nikki and Paulo ( ” Things don’t stay buried for long on this Island” )
Boone and Shannon ( see Nikki and Paulo)
Alex and Karl ( again, Nikki and Paulo)
Gerald and Karen Degroot
Ben and Juliet ( She did “reaffirm” that she was ” his”)
Ben and Annie
Zack and Emma
Horace and Olivia Goodspeed
Aaron and Ji Yeon
Locke and Helen ( That would be cool since he was the first one to call them ” Adam and Eve”. Another tidbit: Big Band Leader and Air Force Major Glen Miller , who mysteriously disappeared, along with his plane, his widow was named Helen. ” Colonel” Locke…I know, different branch…but still…:) )
Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan ( more cool time travel stuff)
And last but not least….
Frogurt and Blue Stripped Half Shirt Girl

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