LOST Thoughts : Liam Nickname Origin #1

In Season One’s Charliecentric episode, ” The Moth”, we learn that Mr. Pace has a big brother named Liam. He and Charlie were the founding members of the fictional rock band “Driveshaft”. But when we first meet Liam, he’s waiting for Charlie in the sanctuary of his church. Liam greets his brother by mockingly calling Charlie ” choir boy”.

Wiki states that ” A choirboy is a boy member of a choir, also known as a treble.

As a slang term, it refers to a do-gooder or someone who is morally upright, in the same sense that “Boy Scout” refers to someone who is considered honorable or conscientious. “

This scene in The Moth also seemed like a parallel to the temptation in the Garden of Eden. Charlie, prior to his meeting with Liam, is speaking to a priest about choices. That temptations, of rockstars or anyone else, are set before us but we are the ones who chose between sin and purity. (“death” and “life”). Charlie was determined to “do good” by quiting the band. But Liam tempts Charlie with the “fruit” of celebrity and “rockgodness” (“ye shall be as gods” ?)

So, if Charlie quit Driveshaft, he would have never gotten into drugs and meaningless relationships. But if his life wasn’t so wrapped up in the band, Charlie would have never gotten on Oceanic Flight 815. And if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been there to warn his fellow islanders of imminant danger and save their lives. Then of course, his playing surrodad to Aaron will probably be even more important that we know now. (Kind of like the whole “Locke gets kidney stolen by his dad, then attempts walkabout, goes on 815, so he can live later on as “King Other”, despite Ben shooting him…where? Where the kidney was, of course ! 😉 ).

In the end, despite previous poor choices, on and off island, Charlie goes back to his “choir boy” ways.

In light of this comes the idea of “course correction”. How much do our choices affect us, others, and the world? Barely at all or monumentally? Maybe ,depending on the situation, both? And how much do we “chose” and how much is “chosen for us” ?

Damon and Carlton spoke recently about time travel in the Lost “universe” , ( I’m paraphrasing here) that the person “traveling” can make some things “better” in the past. But as far as the “big picture” and how it ends….is already done.

” Two players…two sides….one is light…one is dark ” . It is what it is. 🙂

Happy LOST Thought of the Day: Charlie singing falsetto harmony of ” You All Everybody” to a bewildered Kate and an apathetic Jack.


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