LOST Thoughts : Liam Nickname Origin # 2

Backstage after a DriveShaft concert, Charlie Pace goes searching for his older brother, Liam. There is a big fight between them about Liam “taking the lead” on stage from Charlie. Soon after, Charlie watches with concern as Liam starts going behind a closed door with a small bag of heroin. The very thing Liam told him in the beginning wouldn’t happen. Liam looks back, trying to “make light” of the situation…essentially the beginning of the end of Drive Shaft …and says ” Chill, baby brutha”. ( The Moth, Season One)

” Baby brother” is ..well..just that! 🙂 Charlie is Liam’s younger sibling. This seems to be his favorite name for Charlie. Though it sounds chummy and endearing, often it seems like a “put down” , to keep Charlie in “order”….birth order, that is.

From an article from ParentingIssues.net

” According to Kevin Leman ( *well known family psychologist and proponent of psychologist Alfred Adler’s Birth Order theory), the characteristics of first-borns are:

•Perfectionistic, reliable, list-maker, well-organized, critical, serious, scholarly.

The characteristics of Middle children are:

• Mediator, fewest pictures in the family photo album, avoids conflict, independent, extreme loyalty to the peer group, many friends.

And the characteristics of the youngest child are:

•Manipulative, charming, blames others, shows off, people person, good salesperson, precocious.”

So do these roles fit? In a general sense, quite often they do. Obviously here, with heroin, it clouded their “better” , and exaggerated their “weaker”, birth order tendancies.

Liam critical and intense, but he was the one who got the contract and the gigs (well organized). He also showed some maturity and admitted he wasn’t “strong” enough to lead, giving Charlie the family ring. He eventually became “reliable” with his family in Australia when he “cleaned up” .

Charlie was at his worst manipulative and blamed others (especially his brother) for his continuance with his habit. But he was charming , and seemed to never stop being “the salesman”, promoting the band , even on a deserted , freaky island ” Ever heard of DriveShaft?” And his love for people moved him to even sacrifice his own life for their ” rescue”.

Is birth order “scientific” ? Probably not but it is interesting.
Nature vs. Nurture? Coincidence vs Fate ? Hmm…where’ve I heard those themes before? 😉

*( I added this sentence.)


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