LOST Thoughts: Shannon Nickname #1

Oops! Sorry I missed this while watching “Walkabout” (Season One). It’s Shannon Rutherford and her first nickname for her brother (?) Boone Carlisle.

Rose is sitting off alone and slightly rocking back and forth. Boone, out of a bit of concern about her,tells Shannon how “someone” should talk to her ( of course, that usually means “someone ELSE” ), she shoots back at him , ” I elect you, Captain America”.

Marvel Comics, the character’s originator, has a great synopsis about C.A. But , very basically, he was an underweight art student who decides to enlist in the army. He becomes a guinea pig in a military experiment by taking doses of a special serum and zapped with “vitarays” to become a “super soldier”. This hightens the maximum human levels his physical strength and reflexes. From there, with his superness , he went around “doing good” & giving the Nazis and The Red Skull, their architect of menace, an extremely hard time.

Jack , reluctantly, is the “someone” that eventually talks to Rose about her “dead” husband , Bernard.
Don’t worry , Boone. You’ve still got “work to do”…..(unfortuately, it’s as “the sacrifice that the Island demanded” 😦 ) .


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