LOST Thoughts: Only Children and Desmond’s Brothers

I’ve been noticing (unless we just have not met them yet. The game can change at ANY time.) that the majority of the Losties/Others/etc. are “only children”. A few have one other sibling. Just got me wondering if there is any significance to that “fact”? Were they “manufactured” in a top secret government lab, who’s mission is to saturate the earth with outrageously beautiful , angst ridden people? Or is it just a whole lot easier to write for fewer characters amongst the multitude that is the Lost “family tree” ? 😉

Here’s the breakdown from what , I believe, we’ve been given so far (Let me know if I missed any 🙂 ).

Jack : Only child in “nuclear family”. Half sister (Claire) from an affair.
Kate: Only child
Sawyer: Only child
Locke: between Emily Locke & Anthony Cooper, only child, possible “immaculate conception” (?) Had several foster home “siblings”.
Charlie: Older brother, Liam. Liam has one daughter, Megan
Claire: Only child of single mom. Half brother Jack
<Hurley: brother, Diego
<Michael: Only child

Walt: Only child of Michael and Susan (deceased)

Sayid: Only child
Jin: Only child, mother prostitute, possible other half siblings, paternity questionable
Sun: Only child
Boone: Only child, step sister Shannon (“no blood relation”)
Shannon: Only child, step brother Boone (“no blood relation”)
Nikki : N/A
Paulo: N/A
Aaron: Only child to single mom, Claire
Ji Yeon: Only child of Sun & Jin (according to Juliet)
Arzt: N/A
Rose: ?
Bernard: possible relative, Dr. Nadler (Through the Looking Glass, Season Three)
Frogurt: ?
Ana Lucia: only child
Libby: ?

Mr. Eko: Younger brother ,Yemi

Cindy: ?
Emma: Younger brother, Zack
Zack: Older sister, Emma

Danielle: ?
Alex: Only child
Karl: ?

Ben: Only child, mother died at his birth
Juliet: sister Rachel (Rachel has one son, Julian)

Richard: ?
mikhail-t Mikhail: ?
Ethan: ?
Annie: ?
Danny: ?
Colleen: ?
Roger “Workman” Linus: ?
Pierre Chang: Identical twins? triplets? clones?….unknown
Daniel : ?
Charlotte: two younger sisters (Thanks, Heather! 8) )
Miles: ?
Frank: ?
Seth (The Pilot) : ?
Christian Shephard : ?
Margo Shephard: ?
Sarah Shephard: ?
Anthony Cooper: ?
Mr. Kwon: ?
The Paces: ?
Mr. & Mrs. Paik: ?
David Reyes: ?
Carmen Reyes:?
Charles Widmore: ?
Penny Widmore: ?
Vincent: No litter information 😉

But then there’s Desmond.

Desmond makes mention to Charles Widmore in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” (Season 3),that he didn’t finish college “Because I had to look after my three brothers after my father….(after he what?! Died? Lost his job? Disappeared for the Island? Joined the circus?)”. To quote comedian Jerry Seinfeld , ” Who aaare these people?”

This reminded me of the book that Locke gave to “Henry Gale” in the armory, “ The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky . (Link: SparkNotes)

It’s about four brothers of a uncaring and distasteful father, Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov, and how his greed, lust and cruelty affects the family. (Anthony Cooper kept a picture of him in his wallet 🙂 ) .

Alexie : The kind hearted third brother, a man of faith who tried to take care of his brothers and becomes a monk later in life.

Dmitri : The oldest brother who has “anger issues” and is in constant pursuit of spirtual enlightenment.

Ivan: The second son, who will deal only with “logic” and who’s hatred towards his father & God, leads him down a path of madness and * (spoiler)………murder.

Pavel Fyodorovich Smerdyakov: probable half brother of these three from their father, Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov. He struggles with epilesy, is on the “nasty” side and has adopted his father’s lecherous lifestyle. He is the catalyst for Ivan’s, and the novel’s, tragic turn.

Hmmm…. I wonder if any of the people on Lost match these descriptions 😉 (And possibly what could be in store for them) ? And who is “Daddy Dearest”, the “father figure” that has controlled and tainted (or attempted to) their destinies? Maybe , in light of Jack/Claire, we’ll find out more of these Losties aren’t “only children” after all, brotha!


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  1. 1

    izikavazo said,

    I’ve always wondered about the Only Children thing. I tend to think that it’s just simper to write that.
    It would explain why everyone is so neurotic (sorry to all the only children out there, but it’s true). The funny thing is, I don’t actually like many of the characters on Lost, but the ones I do like aren’t only children. I like Hurley, Desmond, Juliet and Locke (and Libby, Charlotte, and Dnaiel but they’re in the mystery category). I think I might just have very strong feelings against only children (I do, I know that I do).
    – izi

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Izi,

    Maybe that’s Lost underlying goal: To bring only children and those who have a strong aversion to them, together in perfect harmony (Much like when the world is bought a Coke).

    Let the healing begin! 😉

  3. 3

    heather said,

    Charlotte does have three younger sisters, per Ben’s rundown of her biography.

  4. 4

    heather said,

    Correction: Charlotte has two younger sisters, not three. Got a little carried away, there. 🙂

  5. 5

    mswendy said,

    Excellent catch, Heather! Thanks! 🙂 I think my mind…no correction…I KNOW my mind went *snap* after Ben said he had a man on the boat. So, that info went instantly out of my head.

    Now…..I wonder what that might mean about Charlotte….hmmmm 😉

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