Lost Thoughts (and video) : Sawyer’s “Book Report”

As Kate is walking along the beach, carrying bananas back to the camp, she stumbles upon a pile of clothes and a book.
She soon finds out that they belong to Sawyer, as he emerges from the ocean. Ever the ready critic, Sawyer gives the instant book report that has become the namesake for this very site. ” It’s about bunnies!” šŸ™‚

The book he was refering to is, of course, Watership Down by Richard Adams (originally Boone’s copy that he was reading on the plane).

I could attempt to tell you about what little I “know” about Watership Down but to quote John Locke ” Well now, that would be silly” šŸ˜‰
Instead, Sparknotes has a very nice and elaborate summary of the book.

And here’s a fun Lost video mixed with some “Watership Down” narration.

Made by nightdancer342 for youtube)

In my first post on this site, I explain why I chose ” It’s About Bunnies” for the name of the site and what I take away from its meaning. But since I’m now hitting “Confidence Man” searching for nicknames, I thought it was worth the friendly reminder. šŸ™‚

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