LOST Thoughts: A Lost Attitude Adjustment

I have been hearing/reading about the dismay over certain characters’ “attitudes”, whether it be the grieving process is too quick or “I used to like them, now they are a jerky control freak” 😉 . And I see those things myself. But it got me thinking about why.

Sayid was pretty much inconsolable over Shannon’s death for several episodes. It even drove some of the plot, i.e. Henry’s interrogation and exposer as a fraud. However, that was Season Two and the “endgame” was still unknown. Now, is it just that it takes too long to write about the grief when there is so much more story to tell and not as much time to tell it?

That certainly is a very good possiblity. But here is another one of maybe why Claire seems to be “over” Charlie’s death so quickly? Location…location…location.

On the Season Two Extra’s Disc 7, there is a section called ” Secrets of the Hatch”. In it, Damon Lindelof describes why peoples attitudes and drives have “amped up”. Lindelof talks about how the hatch has a “Jeckle and Hyde” quality. They designed it so ” You are one person outside of the hatch and once you get inside of it you become another person. It forces other aspects of your personality to manifest, just by virtue of what you have to do there.”He talks about how the hatch affects Jack, when Sayid is beating up Henry Gale, in how far is he willing to go just to test his own inner struggle with “faith” and “reason”.

“The hatch brings out the worst in you. The hatch in many ways represented ‘The devil has arrived on the island and is going to give you exactly what you want.” “It is a Faustian sort of deal because when you make a deal with the devil, (Ex: Locke wanting a purpose) it’s doesn’t turn out how you’d thought it would be. And now you’ve got to deal with it. ”

So, this led me to considering that New Otherton might have a different “quality” to it as well. Claire was grieving , as was everyone else before they reached Ben’s Bungalows . Claire was the obvious choice to focus attention on because of her and Charlie’s budding relationship. But if you look a little closer, it seems like everyone pretty much “forgot” about Charlie. They’re all drinking coffee on the porch, watching Xanadu and playing Risk.

Oh, the Losties are still on guard. But I think that it might be an instance of “ignorance is domestic bliss”. I mean, who can ever forget Jack’s famous football spike in Season 3. ( I know it was for “diversionary tactics”. But “when in Rome” … 😉 )

It almost has a sedative quality, like their own “field of poppies” perhaps? It’s as if something has to “snap you out of it”. Be it a emotional “slap” , like between Kate and Sawyer . Or if you need something more “caffeinated”,like a band of mercinaries knocking on your pastel painted door with a rocket launcher. 🙂 (Now that the Hatch and New Otherton are “gone” , wonder where the next “adjustment” will come from?)

Then there is always the concept that Shannon was taken so tragically and without warning, driven by fear and confusion. Charlie, on the other hand, knowingly gave his life to make sure that his friends were rescued. And maybe that being the case, helped them all “cope” a little bit easier.

But then again, this is LOST . You’ll probably be hearing me saying ” I was wrong” well before this series is through. 😉


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  1. 1

    izikavazo said,

    I’m gald the characters don’t grieve forever, that would drive me crazy. I know if you look at the big picture it seems ridiculous, but on a week by week basis, if Claire had cried for two episodes straight, I would have been begging for her death.
    – izi

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hey Izi,

    TV tends to have a “drive thru” grieving process with its characters, in general. ” Five stages for only $9.95! And if you’re not through them in 30 minutes or less, we’ll give you free breadsticks!” 😉

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