LOST Thoughts (and video): Sawyer Nickname Origin #23

Boone is digging through Sawyer’s Stash O’ Stuff , looking for Shannon’s asthma medicine. James quickly confronts him and asks him what “son” thinks that he’s doing.

“Son”, is most likely, another Southern slang term for a person of the male gender (See Sawyer Nickname Origin #7 ) Although on Lost, there are quite the many daddy issues. Why not one more really freaky one? 😉

Boone thought that Sawyer had Shannon’s inhaler because he saw him reading “Watership Down” (Boone’s book originally)…which lead to Boone’s beating….which lead to making plans to get the meds back….which lead to Sayid talking to Locke about getting hit in the head…which lead to Locke giving Sayid a knife…which lead to Sawyer’s torture ….which lead to “that kiss” which lead to finding out he didn’t really have it…which lead to a fight…which lead to Sayid accidentally stabbing Sawyer in the arm…which lead to Kate tending to Sawyer…which lead to Sawyer “confessing” about the letter….which lead him to be a conman & seek revenge…which lead him to kill the wrong man…which lead him to kill the right man…which lead him to hang out with Locke...which lead him to lure Kate back with hopes of a relationship….which lead him to go on the helicopter (and to jump from the helicopter)…which lead him back to being stuck on the Island ….which most likely, still has that copy of “Watership Down”

The Moral of the Story: Never learn to read. 😉

Uh, oh. Wait a minute. Ed Asner wants to retort.

(rifweb for youtube)


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