LOST Thoughts (and video): Sawyer Nickname Origin #24

Sawyer is “playing coy” with Jack about having Shannon’s asthma medicine. The doctor finally snaps and belts Sawyer in the jaw while he’s taking a drink. To which, Sawyer exclaims ” Well, it’s about time, cowboy!”

Hmmm..let’s see. In “Walkabout” , Jack wears a neckerchief. He is a Red Sox fan, therefore must regularly ” Cowboy Up”. His last name is Shepard, another type of herder of animals (different spelling, though) He “rescued” a stray Locke when he got lassoed by the “Island’s Security System” (whether John wanted to be or not 🙂 ) . He’s a crack shot, bringing he and Kate down from the net they got caught in. And evidently, all the best cowboys have daddy issues. 😉

Here’s a video to The Others Band’s “Caught in a Net” , displaying Jack’s “cowboylike” skills. (Not coming down on one side or the other on The Great Jate/Skate Debate. Just like the song. 8) . )

(Made for youtube by Jennarator13)

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