LOST Thoughts : Adam and Eve Revisited

A little bit ago, I wrote about the options of who could be Adam and Eve in a past LOST Thought , Locke Nickname Origin #1” . On The Tailsection, it was being discussed about the possibilities of who the cave’s original occupants could be. Someone mentioned (at least that is what context I think it was being mentioned. Sorry if I misread) that it could be Christian Shepard and Claire Littleton . This got me thinking that these could be very likely candidates for the “job”. (And that that on most “typical” shows, the two people would be a “romantic” couple. LOST, typically, is anything but. 🙂 )

After Season 4’s “Cabin Fever” we learn, that for whatever reason, Claire and Christian are “hanging out”. So much so, that she abandons Aaron, leaving him behind with Sawyer and Miles (“Where he’s supposed to be”?) Will she forever be Christian’s “sidekick” in weirdness? And if that is the case, going back to Season One’s “White Rabbit”, Christian (or a very good simulation) is the one who shows Jack where the caves are , along with the water. In the next episode “House of the Rising Sun”, when they go back, they discover “Adam and Eve”. Is this a clue, as well as the empty coffin, that this is Christian’s (and Claire’s ) true “final resting place”?

I don’t know, though. Something’s telling me to keep my money on Frogurt and blue stripped half shirt girl. 😉


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