LOST Thoughts : Whistles, Fences and Golden Snack Cakes

I’ve been contemplating, from fairly early in the series , how Vincent and Smokey haven’t been seen sniffing around the same Dharma food drop together. Why is that? Is this because they are one in the same? Or of similar “make up” but from different sides?

Locke spent the episode “Tabula Rasa” (Season One) fashioning what turns out to be a dog whistle to summon a “lost” Vincent. Whistles of this kind are known for emitting a pitch that is heard by a dog but not humans. In contrast, a loud whistle blares, much like one that is heard at a factory, alerting the Losties of the “monster” when it makes its first appearance in the Pilot episode. (Rose said later that it sounded familiar and that she was from the Bronx, NY). Is a person/thing “calling” the smoke monster?
Who/what is doing that?

Some have claimed that when you look in the pupil of Jack’s eye in the beginning of the Pilot episode, you can see a reflection of Smokey. Now if this is true, who do we see that is supposed to wake up Jack “because he’s got work to do” according to christianshephard-tChristian? It’s Vincent. In that line of thinking, does Smokey appear first, then Vincent later? Or is Vincent in “monster” form first, then back to a dog, when he approaches Jack?

Then there’s, as Locke calls it, “a sonic weapons fence”. Smokey seems to be adverse to whatever is coursing between the pylons. Is this like one of those invisible pet fences meant to keep the dog/cat from roaming to and from the yard? Does the Island just have a “Super Size Me” one? However,was Patchy’s zapfest just an Others theatrical production? Fake beards..why not fake blood (and with a “Thank You” no less) Was this much like Ben knowing that Locke would inevitably blow up the sub? (But there is always the option that the fence is lethal and Patchy was “on the clock” for the Island, considering the harpoon to the chest/grenade in TTLG, Season Three finale. Oh, LOST….how you taunt us so. *hug*)

And then there is Danielle’s term of Smokey being the ” Island’s security system”. I bet if you hunt around long enough…. you’ll probably find a “Beware of Dog” sign nailed to a coconut tree that got torched during the hatch implosion. 😉

What did Locke see the first time he met up with “what is knocking down the trees” ? Something beautiful. The second time? Horrifying. But he still wanted to go with it. Makes me wonder about that story he told about his sister Jeannie that “turned” into a dog. A yellow dog. ( Outlaws, Season One) It was a “sign”, or representation, of the afterlife (at least his foster mother thought so). He said ” Well, that would be silly” when asked if he thought the dog was his sister. But he was with, assumably, less receptive listeners (Kate and Sawyer) to his brand of “belief”. Did he just pretend to not believe ? Was the finding of Vincent a two fold task: Get in good with Michael and his “special” son, Walt and reinforce his now energized “faith” in his understanding of the supernatural? Or did John “find” Vincent because he wanted to “keep his enemies closer”? Does the Blast Door map just solidify this?

That’s right…happy, cute puppy = Cerubus. Or is Vincent the anti-Devil Dog, i.e. the Island’s Twinkie? And as we know…Twinkies…live …forever. 8)


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