LOST Thoughts: How Did Juliet Know?

It was bugging me that Juliet knew that Sawyer killed Frank the Shrimp Guy in Australia (as well as Sayid’s past “indiscretions” in his homeland) when I was watching it live back in Season Three.(One of Us). Someone was discussing it recently ( I can’t remember if it was a podcast or a blog. I apologize. Let me know if it was you 🙂 ) about that they had a lot of info on Jack . Ben had Patchy in the Flame Hatch being able to monitor Juliet’s sister Rachel and her son, Julian (and probably how they got the Red Sox game too 😉 ) But no one knew that Sawyer killed Frank, not even the Australian police. So how could anyone possibly know that he did it?

Then it hit me. Hibbs knew.

Hibbs (played by Robert Patrick) was the conman that Sawyer was set up by in “Outlaws”, Season One. (In fact, I had my theory that he was the real Sawyer. Would have fit too. Oh, well! 🙂 ) He used James’ thirst for revenge, to “settle a score” with Frank for not paying up ,by telling him the Shrimp Man was the real Sawyer.

Who is Hibbs? What was ” The Tampa Job” ? My guess is that you’ll probably find his name next to Anthony Cooper’s (subset: Florida) in Ben’s rolodex that he keeps in his secret hieroglyphic closet. (Maybe this is some of the stuff he and Juliet would discuss over ham? 😉 )

Now…who’s their “man” in Bozrah?


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