LOST Thoughts: The Womb in Question

In the episode ” Not in Portland” (Season Three), Juliet is looking at scans of a woman’s reproductive system that she believes is barren & in her 70’s. According to Richard, she is 26 years old and that this is part of why they need Juliet to be a part of what Mittlelos Labs is doing.

So, is this a random woman? Is it an Other? Or is this someone we are familiar with? Who was flying with a pregancy test? Does it have nothing to do with actual “barrenness” but with time travel? Or is it with the Island’s magnetic qualities? Why can the mother/child survive no later than the 2nd trimester?

Could the lady in question be….Kate? And if so, has she somehow been on the Island and/or contact with “The Others” before (knowingly or unknowingly)?

She has had some moments of “infertility” that we have witnessed. Once with Kevin (her husband), another with Sawyer. Are these just for storyline expediancy or are these clues? She seemed rather “guilty” when asking Sun ” Who flies with a pregnancy test? ” Edward Mars asks Jack if he “fell for her too” in Tabula Rasa (Season One). Did he mean romantically? Was the test Kate’s for EM’s baby? If that is true….no baby in that case either.

* I will be discussing Fringe episodes at this point. Just letting you know if you haven’t seen them and don’t want to get spoiled. πŸ˜‰

To bring up another JJ Abrams’ show, “Fringe”, in last week’s episode, there was a man that was given an experimental means of communication through his blood that involved heavy metalic content. This person was able to being privy to secret conversations that made him believe that he was “hearing voices” . Are these similar to, or another form of, “The Whispers”? Michael, Sawyer, Jack and Kate (and most likely Walt and tailies as well) all had there blood extracted by the Others. Are they looking to see if they were part of an earlier Dharma experiment much like the one on Fringe?

In Fringe, when they put the man in an MRI, he almost was shredded apart. Is this what is happening with the pregnant women on the Island because of its magnetic properties but in a less concentrated scale? As the womb grows, so does the amount of blood that is encased in it. Has where the Island been “moved” to closer to a polar region, hightening the magnetic “pull” , causing the women and babies on the Island to die?

Or is it the time issue? Is the woman like Richard Alpert seems to be : Young on the outside, older on the inside (much like walking through a used car lot πŸ˜‰ ) ? Is what is on the inside (i.e. baby ) aging as rapidly as the “home” they are growing in? (Again, much like another Fringe episode a couple weeks ago where a woman is immediately pregnant, baby comes to full term, she delivers then dies …then the “baby” becomes a full grown adult size then dies….4 hours later. )

And is what is in those Dharma shots Claire , Aaron and Desmond were given/taking designed to counteract either the rapid aging and/or polarization factor, so it would help Claire “save” Aaron and Desmond “save the world”?

Then again, they may just be Dharma’s version of Carnation Really Instant Breakfast πŸ™‚ .


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