LOST Thoughts : The Other Survivors of Oceanic 815 ( According to Jack)

At the press conference in the Season Four finale, Jack said that Boone Carlisle, Charlie Pace and Libby were the other “survivors” of the crash before they succumbed to injuries or died on the Island under different circumstances. Of all the people that actually survived, why choose these three? I believe it is because all of them died an “innocent” death.

Boone died because he fell in that Nigerian drug plane, trying to help Locke, and in the process, made contact (or so he thought) with the outside world. ” Boone was a sacrifice that the Island demanded” said Locke. Jack saw it as negligent homicide. Either way, he died for “the cause”, whether for destiny or rescue.

Charlie Pace gave his life because of his strong belief in the “visions” of Desmond and his equally powerful devotion to Claire, Aaron and his friends. Again, death with the puriest of motive.

* E from Long Live Locke blog made an excellent point that Charlie made contact with Penny and that she might talk. Although, I think it was a strange omission, storywise, that Penny didn’t ask Des where Charlie was when she rescued them. Could be chalked up to a combo of love & shock, but still…

Libby was shot (IMO by accident) by Michael in his “understanding” of how he was to get Walt back from The Others. In one of the mobisodes, Juliet is playing like they never asked him to kill. That he thought of that himself. Is this true or more master manipulation, by proxy, from Benjamin Linus. In either case, Libby was a victim of “friendly fire”. ( Well, at least from the information we have been given so far. 🙂 )

Knowing this, I think that if it was necessary to say some more survived the crash for the coverup (not exactly sure why it was, at this point) then maybe they agreed that this was the Losties’ form of memorial to those who’s bravery would have otherwise been forgotten.

Either that or they just wanted the group to number 8 😉 .

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    izikavazo said,

    That is some good thinking. I’ve really been puzzling over those choices for a while now. I think you’re right, these are the characters whose deaths were the most shocking or profound, they’re definitely the ones I think we miss the most.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hey Izi,
    Thanks! 🙂 That seems to be what makes sense to me , all things considered.

    The truly curious thing about this subject, (and I’m pretty certain for “suspense” purposes writing wise), is how everyone, including Hurley at the funeral, has no idea what is Libby’s last name. 😉 (And maybe even more importantly…her maiden name.)

    Let the guessing begin! 8)

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