LOST Thoughts: Sawyer Nickname Origin #25

After a little bit of torture by Jack and Sayid that helped Sawyer “clear up his sinuses” , Kate or “Baby”, tries to take the more gentle and yet equally ineffective approach with the Island’s Confidence Man: Bargaining.

The name “baby” here is yet another sign of affection Sawyer directs toward Ms. Austen. So far in the series, he has called her “Freckles”, “Sweetheart” and now, “Baby”. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sawyer may possibly be attracted to Kate. Either that or he was running out of “nickname ammo” and recently discovered some of those NECCO Candy Hearts in his Stash O’ Stuff 😉

Next step in the plan: The “trump card” of ALL candy hearts….”Kiss Me”

( Ben used this trick on Juliet. In his trademark sneaky Ben “way”, he was able to change “Be Mine” to “You’re Mine!” Sorry Jules, no way out of it now. It is a well known “fact” that the exchanging of candy hearts are a legal and binding contract. So, you better “Lawyer up”, Ms. Burke! 😉 )


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