LOST Thoughts: Sawyer Nickname Origin #26

After taking a breather from Jack & Sayid’s torture, Island style, Sawyer has a little chit chat with Kate as he is “tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery”.

“Jungle of Mystery” is almost an understatement, at this point (but still really funny 🙂 ) . Let’s see what we’ve had so far:

A smoke monster that can pick you up and “pick your brain”
Danielle and her 16 year old distress call
The Sickness
The “dead” walking around
Polar bears
Boars with vendettas
A man living in an underground hatch (among others over several years, or so we’re told) who may have crashed their plane
Some kidnapping Others
A “Hurley” bird
A computer, attached to a giant magnet, that has a series of numbers (that Hurley knew prior to the Island) that must be pushed every 108 minutes ” savin’ the world”.
The Whispers
A food “drop” , seemingly from a long disbanded group, but not a rescue ( Charlie and Sawyer discuss how no one saw an aircraft)
An invisable dude and his moving cabin
“Dr. Ray” showing up dead on the Island before they actually die
Women and their babies dying prior to delivery if conception occured on the Island
A four toed statue
The Dharma Initiative
Many healed of incurable diseases, paralysis and even death
Big purple light and hatch implosion that made the island “visible” for rescue
Walt, in various states of height and moisture, speaking cryptic messages both forwards and backwards
The turning of a subterranean frozen donkey wheel that made the Island “disappear”

I’m sure there are some I missed and I know that more are on the way (I can’t WAIT! 🙂 )
What are some of your favorite puzzles that have been “solved” and ones that haven’t?
You can write me at bunnieshatch@aol.com or leave them in comments. Thanks! 🙂


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