LOST Thoughts : Desmond/Juliet Time Connection

desmond-t1 Desmond said that he was on the Island for three years, pushing the button. Juliet mentioned to Jack that she was on the Island for three years ,as well, when she asked him to finish Ben’s surgery.

Small theory: What if Desmond, while racing around the world, was in the vicinity of the submarine (or whatever transported Juliet, Richard, Ethan …and all the rest) when it “found” the Island, having the correct coordinates? That “bumpy ride” that Jules needed to drink spiked OJ for, may have involved the “storm” Des was caught in. Desmond was then accidently (or course correctionally, depending on perspective) “caught up” with the “sub” in a mini version of the Island’s ” vanishing”, much like Hydra Island and, most likely, the Zodiac boat, featuring danielfaraday-t Daniel and the Redshirts. 🙂


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