LOST Thought : Flat on Their Backs

May mean something…may mean nothing. But rewatching the “Carry On Wayward Son” video got me thinking. There is an obvious focus on the fact that Jack is laying on his back in the jungle in the very first frames of the series. But Locke is in the same position, post crash. But this isn’t really shown until the third episode (or fourth, depending how you look at it) “Walkabout” ,where there seems a “separation” of sorts, as to not immediately associate the simularities.

I’ve heard some say that they saw Smokey in Jack’s eye in the opening scene, assuming that the monster placed him there. And we also know (from the last mobisode) that Jack ” has work to do”. Did this happen to Locke because “he has work” as well? Was it Smokey that put them there that way? I don’t know 🙂 . But while everyone is caught up in the aftermath of the crash all around them, this is how we are introduced to these two characters: still and separate. Only difference…one is in the darkness of the jungle, the other the lightness of the sun and white sands.

Whatever the ultimate reasoning for Jack and Locke’s “placement” after the crash, for me, just makes an even stronger case that this accident was no accident. 😉

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