LOST Poll : Most Shocking Moment on LOST

Lost has had its fill of gasp worthy moments. Here’s a poll highlighting a few. Which one made your jaw drop the farthest?


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    izikavazo said,

    I said the end of “Through the Looking Glass” just because it was so unprecidented, the other ones were all possible, definitely shocking but if you were told before hand it wouldn’t be surprising. I really enjoy watching “Through the Looking Glass” with new viewers, and watching their face when Kate comesout of her car. It’s just awesome.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hey there, Izi 🙂

    (IMO) TTLG may just contain the greatest ending to a season finale of any show…EVER!
    It was so amazing that I even thought…”It can end right here” Then the questions came soon
    after, so that sentiment was quickly forgotten…lol

    I know a couple of people that haven’t finished Season 3 or 4. And knowing that they have yet to watch
    this episode… makes me a little sad inside, aware of what they’re missing…. 😦

    Solution : LOST Marathon…woo hoo! 8) ( Wait! Isn’t that the solution to most problems? 😉 )

  3. 3

    hare said,

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