LOST Thoughts : I Have Been Spoiled….(but in a good way)

No, I haven’t been checking out any Season 5 “sneek peaks”. 🙂

Prior ,and post, to watching a couple of shows last Monday night, I decided to flip onto the SciFi channel to catch a little of the LOST rewatch that they have been broadcasting from 7 to 11.

First, I happened upon the “showdown” between Jack and Locke before they open up The Hatch (Exodus Part 3). I was drawn in by their weighty discussion of destiny, amidst the glow of their torchlights, despite my repeated viewing of it over the years.

Then later in the evening, I picked up right when Jack tries to stop Desmond desmond-t1 from running away, which sparked Des’ memory of Stadium Jack and the “girl” he was trying to “fix”. (Orientation, Season 2)

Des: ” What happened to her? ”
Jack : ” I MARRIED HER!!!” ( accompanied by {imo} Best….Jackface….EVER!)

Then the episode ends with the Jack/Locke exchange…

Locke : “Why do you find it so hard to believe?!”
Jack “Why do you find it so easy?!”

And I found myself, sitting in my livingroom, saying out loud, to no one in particular,
” I love this show! No, really….I love this show!”

And I realized, especially just finishing a couple shows that I enjoy (They’re not LOST and I don’t expect them to be. That’s why I still enjoy them. 🙂 ) that I ….have been spoiled.

Spoiled by the acting
Spoiled by the character development
Spoiled by the setting in Hawaii
Spoiled by the writing
Spoiled by cinemaphotography
Spoiled by the mystery
Spoiled by the humor
Spoiled by the intensity
Spoiled by the soundtrack (with REAL instruments)
Spoiled by being the first show ever to end when the producers think it’s best and not the network
Spoiled by the weekly theatical experience normally reserved for places with $10 tickets, sticky floors and inappropriate cellphone use 😉

Spoiled, spoiled, SPOILED! 8)

How have you been “spoiled” by watching LOST? What have you come to really appreciate about the show ? You can let me know by sending an email to bunnieshatch@aol.com or leave a comment. Thanks! 🙂


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