LOST Thoughts : Happy Birthday, Sawyer?


LOST is filled with lines spoken that are peculiar…ambiguous…potentially rife with multi-meaning. IMO, one of the oddest bits of dialog comes from the Season One episode ” White Rabbit”.

It “looks” like Sawyer had been hoarding what was left of the water from Flight 815. Kate lost-kate-t1 and Sayid lost-sayid-t1 decide to lay low for a while then follow Sawyer because” a rat will always lead you to its hole”. Sure enough, Sawyer goes to a frond covered suitcase, buried in the jungle , containing some disaster “discoveries” ( but no water) . He is confronted first by Kate. They have a slight altercation and she lands on top of him. To which, Sawyer exclaims ” I made this birthday wish four years ago”.

Right off the bat, I’m thinking Sawyer’s just being Sawyer with one of his famous “snappy one liners’. But then it just seemed even more awkward than the situation that they just found themselves in. It was a pretty bizarre thing to say to a “stranger” ? And four years ago? Why four?

We find out toward the end of the first season in the Hurleyrific lost-hurley-t< episode ” Numbers”, that four (along with 8,15,16,23 and 42) is a significant number. But it also is a significant period of time. Life altering things happened to some of the characters “four years ago”, such as Lockelost-locke-t1< becoming paralyzed and Sun sun-t and Jin lost-jin-t getting married (any others, please let me know 🙂 )

When I watched ” Through the Looking Glass” for the first time, for a minute, I thought that Jack lost-jack-t1 and Kate knew each other prior to being on the Island. But we soon learn about the “twist” of their post Island meeting.

Will there be a “twist” that reveals that Kate and Sawyer actually did know each other before they crashed? Did something happen between Sawyer and Kate four years earlier, maybe they just aren’t fully “conscious” of it? Is Sawyer having “flashes” of the past, much likedesmond-t1Desmond…or even danielfaraday-t Daniel Faraday? If he is, I think the writers, much like the character, are keeping it “close to the chest” , like when Sawyer tried to not talk to Sayid about The Whispers 🙂 .

Eh, it’s “food for thought” …. possibly in the form of some very moldy birthday cake. 😉


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